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Community Programs  

Our commitment to the community is stronger than ever. We continue to add to the numbers of Coachella Valley residents trained in the life saving skills of CPR. In the last year alone, The Weil Institute of Critical Care Medicine has provided CPR training to thousands of valley residents. Participants learn to recognize life threatening emergencies, including heart attack, cardiac arrest, strokes and foreign body airway obstruction. They learn to promptly access emergency medical services, perform lifesaving skills of opening an airway, they are taught the steps to assure rescue breathing, effective chest compressions and early defibrillation with automated external defibrillators.  

The development of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and  their early introduction to our local community  has been an exciting and rewarding contribution of our Institute.  This has had a measurable effect as our community pioneered both the development and implementation of AEDs. The Weil Institute of Critical Care Medicine instructors have trained more than 7,500 high school students in the Coachella Valley in the past 11 years together with faculty, security officers, custodial personnel and school coaches in CPR/AED. Many family members have been taught over the past 10 years in the "Heart Saver Family and Friends" events.   

CPR training in our community has saved lives, most spectacularly a sister resuscitated her sibling. First, prompt bystander CPR, especially chest compression and rescue breathing, are fundamental to rescue. CPR greatly improves the chance of survival in adults and in children in the "out-of-hospital" setting prior to arrival of the professional rescuers.  We had an important role as participant in the  National Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) Trial Study sponsored by The National Institutes of Health and the American Heart Association in collaboration with The Emergency Medical Services of Riverside County. The project has proven the benefit of the very AEDs that we helped to develop. Lives have been saved and important data defining the optimal locations of AEDs has now been published. Weil Institute of Critical Care Medicine continues to serve our local community in schools, gated communities, public sites, and sports facilities.   

For more information on our programs, you are invited to contact the Institute at 760-778-4911.


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