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Post Doctoral Fellowship  

The Institute provides for post-doctoral fellowship training of Ph.D. or  D.V.M. graduates who are oriented  to academic careers in clinical and experimental physiology, pharmacology, and/or biomedical engineering. Major research  efforts include cardiopulmonary resuscitation, heart failure, circulatory shock  due to hemorrhagic sepsis, anaphylaxis, or cardiac cause and the cellular  biology and the pharmacology pertinent to its management. Extending our  research and clinical studies from conventional hemodynamic measurements to real-time studies of the microcirculation, we pair anatomical and metabolic markers of tissue hypoxia.  Engineering priorities include software development for improved diagnosis and prompting of life-saving  interventions, automation of devices for external defibrillation, ventilation,  chest compression, fluid administration, and delivery of medications.  

Biomedical Engineering programs are directed by Professor Joe Bisera at and Post-Doctoral Medical, Physiology and  Veterinary fellowships by Professor Wanchun Tang, MD, at


Medical Research Fellowship

Weil Institute of Critical Care Medicine  continues the 45-year-old tradition of  training visiting fellows from all over the  world. We train physicians and medical  scientists and engineers as part of our  commitment to help advance the practices  of life-saving medicine to all corners of the  globe. Weil Institute of Critical Care  Medicine is therefore well known for its  worldwide representation of past trainees,  for its research contributions to life support  medical care, and for its role in modeling the  organization, instrumentation, staffing, and delivery of intensive care.   

Since  1960, trainees have been recruited who have become leaders in either or  both clinical and research pertinent to critical care medicine. On  their return to their home institutions, they are armed with experience and  knowledge with which to direct independent clinical and research programs  in academic medical centers. 

Minimal qualifications include MD or DVM  degree with a basic post graduate in clinical training, a major specialty pertinent  to critical care medicine including cardiology, critical care medicine,  anesthesiology or surgery. The Weil Institute of Critical Care Medicine provides a two-year fellowship position for a specialist sponsored by the Taiwan Society of Critical Care Medicine. The  Sarner Research Fellowship, is awarded by our Trustee, Lori  Sarner, and her Advisory Board Member husband. Preference for fellowship appointment is given to candidates who receive partial or total support from their home institutions or governments. 

Stipends range from $24,000 to $38,000 per annum, contingent on the candidates' qualifications and post-doctoral training. More than 250 Fellows have been trained in the Weil Institute of Critical Care Medicine programs since 1959. The Fellows work side-by-side with internationally renowned leaders in critical care medicine, resuscitation, and the basic sciences and biomedical engineering pertinent to those disciplines.  

Biomedical Engineering Fellowship

The Biomedical Engineering Fellowship Program provides opportunity to  translate biomedical discoveries to practice and to expand capabilities for life  saving medical interventions. Biomedical Engineering fellows develop  concepts and utilize techniques that range from biology, chemistry and  physics to engineering sciences including information applications to  improve instrumentation for measurement and devices to improve critical  care monitoring and treatment together with the software (intelligence for  their operation).

Engineering Research Fellows share offices and join together and the bench  and in the animal laboratories with Medical Research Fellows. They have joint  seminars and project meetings and share authorship on peer reviewed  papers. 

Minimal qualifications include a Master of Science degree with a major in  engineering or physics from a fully accredited engineering college.  Preference will be given to candidates who have completed an accredited  program in biomedical engineering in approved university programs.

Annual stipends supplement personal grants preferably from home  institution up to $32,000 annually.

Application Process for fellowships:

1. A detailed Curriculum Vitae inclusive of all educational, professional, family  and  avocational activities with inclusive dates, institutional affiliates, facility  supervisors or responsible professor, degrees awarded and honors received.

2. The candidate is asked to write a letter defining the candidate’s career  goals, and the extent to which these goals may be fulfilled by appointment to  fellowship, and the extent of which these goals may be supported by his/her  home institution. The policy of the Institute is to encourage but not require  return of the fellow to his home institution on completion of training.

3. Five professional references are required, including current sponsor,  professor, Chief of Services, or senior supervisor. Please indicate  relationship, name, title, full address and email/ fax if available.

4. For foreign applicants, evidence of reasonable fluency in writing the  English language.

For Post Doctoral,  Medical, or Veterinarian Research Fellowships,  application may be submitted by e-mail or by letter addressed to:

Wanchun Tang, MD 
President, Chief Executive Officer
and Chief Scientific Officer
Weil Institute of Critical Care Medicine 
35-100 Bob Hope Drive 
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270   
Tel: 760-778-4911

For Biomedical Engineering Research Fellowships, application may be  submitted by e-mail or by letter addressed to:

Professor Joe Bisera, Director of Engineering 
Weil Institute of Critical Care Medicine 
35-100 Bob Hope Drive 
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270
Tel: 760-778-4911


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