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Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Critical Care Medicine"?

  1. A patient's life is in question.
  2. Constant and specialized professional bedside nursing care is required with expert physicians in attendance.
  3. Around-the-clock monitoring of vital signs and physiological condition is provided in one or more special care units of the hospital.

Where are the special places in which Critical Care takes place?

  1. Intensive Care Units. (Medical, Surgical and Speciality units)
  2. Coronary Care, Post-Cardiac Surgery  Units.
  3. Trauma, Burn Units.
  4. Neonatal Intensive Care Units and obstetrical intensive care.
  5. Emergency Departments and out-of-hospital resuscitation "Mobile Intensive Care Units."

How does the Weil Institute of Critical Care Medicine advance the practice of Critical Care Medicine?

  1. The Weil Institute of Critical Care Medicine improves patient care by advancing understanding of life threatening conditions and their treatment with clinical and laboratory research.
  2. The Institute  improves effectiveness of medical procedures at the bedside including the humane and ethical aspects of care.
  3. The Weil Institute  designs, builds and tests the applicability of improved devices for monitoring and treatment. 
  4. The Institute educates physicians, nurses and other health care professionals in life saving care.
  5. The Weil Institute of Critical Care Medicine maintains a world wide network of research on life-saving medical diagnosis and management.

How does Critical Care Medicine affect you?

You, or someone you love, will be critically ill or injured…a heart attack,
 pneumonia, blood poisoning, kidney failure, stroke or cardiac arrest.

Your life, or that of a loved one, is likely to be saved by the very advances in critical care medicine that evolved from the  Institute and by services of graduates of our training programs. Both the research and programs of training continue with their world-wide impact.

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