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Our Ongoing Missions:

To discover and develop concepts and methods for more beneficial life- saving medical management.

To develop appropriate, humanistic, ethical and cost-effective utilization of such methods, especially the means by which redeeming life is sustained.

To provide advanced training for physicians, scientists, engineers in support of clinical care, research, and medical education.

To facilitate access to critical care.

To sponsor educational programs in support of these goals, including professional and community-based conferences to create consensus regarding vital medical, ethical, humanistic and technical issues relating to life support.

To organize and operate programs of clinical, technological and policy research in the United States and abroad, including multi-center studies.

To organize and to maintain model programs of life-saving medical care as a model in our Palm Springs and larger Coachella Valley/Riverside County community and especially community-wide programs of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).  Most of all, to seize on the opportunity to instill confidence in bystanders to be prepared without fear when there is a need to save a life to be each brothers keeper.


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