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A large number of used colon cleansers claim that an enema gets rid of everything disregarding the clearance of fecal matter within the bowel region. An average person removes hard and dry fecal matters from his colon on a daily basis which in return is rinsed away with water. However an enema is a bit different from the clean fecal matter. In a well done procedure, the process creates an internal reasonably hot and moist, not like a bowel cleansing. Most importantly, it has the capacity to increase the energy level of the body that will help in weight loss and make one feel more productive. On the whole, it makes one feel relaxed and content with the changes in his life.

The technique of using enema is quite easy. It is done by passing warm wet bags throughout the entire colon all the way through the rectum. This is called an enema. Each enema session is designed to cleanse the bowel by one half gallon of water andruits. Then the body will be softened and easily can sit inside with ease and feel relaxed. This soon with the passing of the warm wet bags, the soft and moist tissue will be replaced by hard dry fecal matter. This process will start from the lower intestine and gradually move toward the anus.

Fecal incontinence is a common problem and its symptoms are more or less the same. It may be caused by an infection in the body or constipation. The dried up and hard fecal matter can clog the rectum and veins making them supple and fairly tender. This condition can make one miserable; however, with the use of an enema, the fecal matter will not get where as it’s only destination is the anus.

Enemas can be made using large quantities of water. One can put up to five quarts of warm water in each enema bag. It is important to put the bags in the microwave for a few seconds to make them warm. It is OK to carry the enemas home with one of your hands. It is also OK to place the bags in the microwave at a temperature of five quarts. It is also important to allow the enemas to rest for a minimum of three hours. This is to allow the transport of warm water through the colon to open up any bowel obstruction and also to increase the speed of the opening and close. These enemas are not comfortable to be prolonged over an hour. That is why the safest time is three hours. After that, the duration is up to you.

It is important to take a load off the body after you are finished. This allows the body to adjust to the activity. Follow up with a sufficient amount of warm water in the next few days. This will allow the body to recuperate and build up a sweat to flush away what is left from the previous digestion cycle.

Some people fear the use of enemas in their colon and try to prevent their using one. This is unwarranted. Often, using an enema will add to the benefits of using a colon cleansing product. It will open up the pores in the colon and increase flow which in turn will improve waste elimination.

There are many products on the market and only some of them are quite effective. This is because the body tends to react against anything extra that is being introduced into it. This is why the food or the fluid cannot be obtained. If you are not sure about an item, it would be best to see a naturopathic practitioner who is experienced with the use of an enema.

Once you’ve used an enema and felt that it cleanses and helps to tone up your body, you can use a laxative to aid the process. There is a laxative known as docusate that you can use. There are also other laxatives that are used at times to aid the cleansing procedure. These laxatives will be different depending on the product being used.

Using an enema is not a recommended way of using a laxative. You can have vital food being eliminated from your body when using an enema. Since there is no vascular input into the intestinal tract when using an enema, one caution must be exercised. Your bowel movement will not be affected as would be the case with a laxative product.

While using an enema, you must be careful to make sure that no Mess Petreola is formed. If this occurs, the procedure is considered a fail and the colon cleanse will have no more value.