Pathologycam Testing

Discover the presence of the PCAP (proteomic) analysis software for complete analysis of samples, providing accurate results.

Mineral Assay

For each sample, a precision grade (i.e. dinitrogen) was calculated by subtracting the nominal concentration of a metal (in g/L) from the value calculated by GIA-KYNX on the same material using a reference material

Pharmaceutical Research

We at Weil Institute work closely with a number of biotech companies who are developing molecules that impact the molecular level of many types of diseases.

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Our Expertise

01. Laboratory Equipment

  • Maintained appropriate inventory levels and laboratory equipment to ensure consistent high quality functioning of departmental processes and testing.
  • Accomplished required maintenance/quality control procedures on laboratory equipment.

02. Blood Samples

  • Determine antibody ID and antigen type from blood samples and products.
  • Received and recorded blood samples from various departments of the hospital.
  • Obtained mother’s blood samples using straight stick technique.
  • Distribute and collecting blood samples.

03. Diagnostic Tests

  • Worked in Hematology, Blood Banking, Chemistry and Bacteriology departments, performing extensive Diagnostic tests for the patient management
  • Collaborated with the Lab Manager on strategies to improve laboratory production and development new of genetic diagnostic tests.

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